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Words of Encouragement for Frontline Workers


Send your words of encouragement to THP staff. Your message will be shared to help inspire and brighten their day and your gift will be used to help support our hospital’s highest priority needs.

*Please note that once your gift is made, changes cannot be made to your message. Please ensure to check all information before completing your transaction.

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Appreciation Gifts for THP Staff


Your gift will help us show appreciation to all THP staff for their hard work. This includes things like “Free Coffee Days” at our hospital for employees. It’s a simple gesture to thank health care workers for going above and beyond to serve our community.

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Tablet for Video Calls Home


During this difficult time, many patients are unable to be with their families when they may be at their worst. Your gift will allow our teams to have iPads available so patients can connect with their loved ones during their hospital stay.

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Visitor Chair


Your gift will keep loved ones together during a stressful time by providing a visitor chair that converts to a cot at night.

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Scrubs for Health Care Workers


Your gift will provide new scrubs for frontline health care workers caring for others, including patients with COVID-19.

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Help Where It’s Needed Most


Your special gift to our community hospital goes directly where it can be used to help fund our hospital’s highest priority needs such as life-saving equipment needed to care for patients.

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MRI Machine Replacement


Your gift will help Trillium Health Partners replace our MRIs with cutting-edge technology so doctors can diagnose illness and injury faster and more accurately.

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Cancer Care


Your gift will cover the cost of valuable medical devices, such as compression socks, that provide support and rebuild strength after cancer surgery or treatment.

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